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30 July, 2019

Quality jurisdictions are asking for more and more information on those setting up offshore companies. If you’re going to structure an international business or an IRA, you’ll need to collect a number of documents before you can form an offshore company.

There are a 4 primary offshore company structures. They are:

  • Offshore corporation,
  • Offshore trust or foundation,
  • Offshore Limited Liability Company (LLC), and
  • Offshore IRA LLC

Each of these structures has a different purpose and slightly different documents will be required.

An offshore corporation is generally used to hold an active business. This is because a corporation can retain earnings and is this a valuable tax planning tool.

In contacts, an offshore Limited Liability Company is a pass-through entity. An LLC can’t regain earnings and is best suited to passive investments. Some small businesses also select an LLC.

For example, if you’re living abroad, qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and won’t net more than $100,000 in your business an LLC is a good choice. A business that has no need to retain earnings tax deferred might choose an LLC for the lower compliance costs.

An offshore IRA LLC is a unique and complex version of a standard LLC. When structured properly, and IRA LLC allows you to move your retirement account out of the United States and installs you as the manager of that account. Once complete, you have total control of the investments of your retirement account.

When you need asset protection and estate planning for passive and active investments, you need an offshore trust or an offshore foundation. These entities are similar, but the trust has a lot of advanced features compared to a foundation.

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