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04 July, 2019

There are lots of offshore banking myths that prevent people from taking advantage of the benefits that an offshore account can offer. Once you know the truth about using offshore banks, though, you can make educated decisions that help you protect your assets from law suits and privacy invasion.

Myth #1: Offshore Accounts Are Illegal
Perhaps the most persistent offshore banking myths are those that question the legality of using offshore accounts. Most of the time, this misperception comes from movies and television shows. The truth is that offshore accounts are perfectly legal as long as you use them properly. For instance, an offshore account can help you pay fewer taxes, but your country of residence will still require you to pay some taxes.

Myth #2: Offshore Accounts Aren’t Safe
Other offshore banking myths question whether offshore accounts are safe. There are some cautionary tales about people losing all of their money because their offshore accounts suddenly disappeared. This, however, only happens in countries with poor legal systems. When you choose offshore accounts in stable countries like Comoros, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your assets. In fact, you might find that the Comoros has a system that is more stable than your own country’s.

Myth #3: Offshore Accounts Are Only for Wealthy People
ffshore accounts are useful for lots of people, not just those who are wealthy. You wouldn’t want to spend the time and money establishing an offshore account for just a couple thousand dollars, but many people find that they can benefit from opening an offshore account that protects their assets from lawsuits and invasions of privacy.

Consider the question on the example of CG BANK. Our services are accessible through our state-of-the-art international network system which is a fully secured network for transmitting private and corporate information while ensuring that business transactions are performed without delay.

CG BANK has taken a number of important steps to ensure the security of our banking clients. Using industry leading technology standards and highly attuned human verification processes, CG BANK provides a transparent and secure banking environment.

CG Bank S.A. is a 100% offshore bank incorporated under the laws of the Autonomous Island of Moheli, within the Union of Comoros. It is part of a strong multi-national group that also includes onshore banking and trust interests (in Moroni, Grand Comore and in United Arab Emirates) as well as aviation and shipping businesses, we are committed to listening, delivering customised solutions and developing close relationships with our clients.

Our strength is our unique personalised approach to clients and their business. We provide customised solutions and maintain utmost discretion.